I've purchased your EFI LS system and in the instructions it lists that in order to activate the optional 2-step, it needs to be connected to a 12V source. So... am I understanding it correctly that I simply need to run this blue wire to say... the battery... make sure it's set up in the system through the controller (to make sure it's "turned it on" and set an RPM), and any time I'm at a stop and mash the throttle, the 2-stage RPM limit will activate at my pre-set RPM until I launch. I do NOT need to hook this up to a switch to activate or anything like that, and don't need a way to deactivate the 12V source for any reason.

Am I correct in my thinking here?

Second... I'm having trouble understanding the Calibration speed and everything setup. I've got a T-56 from an 01 Camaro with all it's stock sensors still in place (though un-used at this point). Can I use one of my stock sensors and connect this somehow... or what do I need to do to provide the EFI Ls with this reference signal so I can get the "smooth transitions between shifts or for quick transitions from high rpm to idle conditions"? Also... will I use one of the wires to connect to a tachometer so I can see what RPM's I'm running at?

EDIT: I wanted to add the details of my setup...

  • 1993 Nissan 240sx
  • Ls2 from an 05 Corvette with Cadillac CTS-V accessories (no AC)
  • Trans Am/Camaro T-56