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Thread: 1/4 vacuum port plug

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    Default 1/4 vacuum port plug

    I did manage to get the 1/8" plug out but I can not get the 1/4" plug to turn at all.

    I read another forum post that the plugs are very tight and require some force to remove.

    I have a correct fit allen wrench and the allen head of the plug is rounding off, looks like I may end up using an easy out to get the plug out.

    Is there anything that will soften the thread locker that MSD used on this plug?

    Any other suggestions on how to get the plug out?

    MSD, why do you have to install these so tightly? I understand you don't want them to leak, but wow...

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    Default 1/4 vacuum port plug

    Took it to a shop yesterday, they were able to get the plug out without causing any damage.

    Can't believe these plugs need to be in this tight!

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    Default 1/4 vacuum port plug

    When I assemble I usually tighten plugs to just no leaks. However this means sometimes I have to come back and add just a smidgen more. They really don't have the option on consumer stuff - a small leak there can cost them all the profits by the time the unit is considered defective etc.

    I know what you mean though - I removed the 1/4 on mine and no way was I going to hold the body by hand and turn the wrench (gave up real quick) what I ended up doing was clamping a used manifold to the workbench and the body to the manifold (with a good gasket) and hitting it with a 3/8 butterfly impact. Zipped right off. Some of the rounding you were getting is from applying torque slowly and steadily while movement as to tool alignment was present. Good job stopping and taking to a shop! I have made lots of beer money fixing things for people who stubornly stayed after it.

    J Wm Bishop, ASADE

    Racing without turns is such a drag...

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    Default 1/4 vacuum port plug

    Thanks for the input! You are right about the slow steady torque. I am sadly lacking impact tools...

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    emichael Guest

    Default 1/4 vacuum port plug

    I had the same problem. Took a heat gun to the Atomic. Plug came right out. YMMV!

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    Default 1/4 vacuum port plug

    As JW mentioned, these plugs are tightened to prevent leakage...its a bear trying to tune it when there is a vacuum leak.

    emichael has a good idea try some heat from a heat gun (not a torch).

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