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    I want to install new distributor and gonna use timing control i have the 6al box what distributor and coil,would be best for my application and easiest to lock out its a ford 460 with atomic and 6al.Also my hand held has some lines at the top that dont look normal and my rpms when running isnt steady and manifold pressures are jumping around is this all normal.The truck starts and idles fine just need some fine tuning just concerned about this before i go further.

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    I recommend using the Pro-Billet Small Diameter distriburtor PN 8577 along with an adjustable rotor PN 84211.

    The rapid fluctuation of the RPM line is normal, the sampling rate is quicker than a standard tach.

    The MAP values can vary a bit depending on the cam.

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    Thanks for quick response it does have a larger cam I also was wondering what the difference is between mild performance and stock setting mine runs on both mild and performance but i have not driven it yet, what would would i be looking for if i put it on wrong setting cam is 288 292 duration effective and 216 220 .050 lift. Which numbers do i go by i have it currently set on mild, would this be correct setting.

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    The fuel map calibrations are different between each of the cam profile settings. I don't have the exact details on the differences.

    The difference should be noticed when the engine is run under load.

    We're looking for the intake valve duration measured at 0.050" for the cam setting.

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    Can anyone help me I am trying to tune in my efi, I am just unclear on what my target rpm should be or how to come up with that number, Also I have a stroked 460 not sure what I should set the displacement at, 460 or more I dont have the specs of engine and how important is this setting.I would like to know more about power enrichment and pump squirt, what is a good range and when i test drive what should I be watching for if these settings need to be changed. How about target A/F what is a good range and how to know where to set it to. Right now I have everything at factory default but it dont run the best but it not to bad.

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    You'll need to calculate the cid of the motor. This value is needed to set up the fuel map if the value is too low the engine may run lean, if the value is too big the engine will run rich.

    A good Idle RPM Target will allow the engine to idle smooth and not stall when coming to a stop or quick decel.

    For now leave the default Target A/F values until the inital settings are established.

    The Power Enrichment Valve value is a multiplier for transient fuel (as the engine moves about the fuel map). Typically a large cam will require less enrichment and a small (street) cam will require more.

    The Pump Squirt is the multiplier for accelerator pump, extra fuel for a sudden change in TPS. As when starting off from a dead stop or a sudden change in TPS while cruising.

    Both the Power Enrichment and Pump Squirt will be something that has to be "played" with to determine where the engine likes it best.

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