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Thread: RPM drop rapidly when coming to a stop and engine wants to stall or does stall, after 116 Update

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    Default RPM drop rapidly when coming to a stop and engine wants to stall or does stall, after 116 Update

    I have been driving my car more often since i have off from work for a few weeks and this issue is really starting to worry me because the engine will stall or sound like it wants to stall and il loose steering and brakes

    the engine runs perfect this symptom only happens when i am driving on the highway for a while and get off the exit i slow down or downshift and the engine just drops really fast and almost wants to die if i dont gas it.

    Why is the engine IDLE dropping so quickly? What adjustments can i make to compensate for this? with the 116 update the engine idles smoother and much lower in the RPM that it ever did with the earlier 114 update. I raised my RPM 150 more but this did not help. I am not using timing control yet. I have not touched power enrichment setting from the factory setting, What can i do?

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    I just finished my throttle blade adjustment, as in two hours ago. I went on a drive with lots of stop signs. It did not die once! It was harder than I thought to do this adjustment. Just time consuming. This improved quality a bit.

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    I have had this problem from the very day I first installed this,(4 years ago?) as of yet it has not been fixed. MSD tech is no help at all. Basically get the feeling they think I am not capable of following their directions. Or, they know what the problem is but the hardware has a design flaw that is not fixable. They will not admit to this due to that would lead to a law suit. All we can do is let everyone know NOT to purchase this crap and hopefully that will take it off the market. MSD products are not what they used to be as far as quality goes.

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    I have never used an Atomic EFI, so I don't know if it can datalog. If so, datalog the event. Then you need to figure out what it is not getting, fuel, air or spark. It needs all three or it will stall. Most times it's fuel. Look at where it's going in the fuel table as it decelerates and give it more fuel in this area.

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