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Thread: 2800 rpm and fuel cut off ...

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    Default 2800 rpm and fuel cut off ...

    No need for control timing.

    But I really want know why engine work only up to 2800 rpm.

    Is Atomic Efi broken or maybe trigger signal is wrong or what?

    If we buy new MSD distributor, which (small is better) model work without ignition module?

    And ...


    What RPM inputs are accepted?
    A magnetic, points or standard coil negative will work, but not a hall-effect 5V signal. The signal out of any MSD distributor or MSD Ignition Control Unit will suffice to supply an RPM signal for the Atomic. NOTE: An Ignition Control Unit is required with most applications.


    MSD Atomic EFI Support

    "The MSD ignition box is really only required if the Atomic is going to control timing."


    If I am understand right, Mallory Promaster 8360M have magnetic pickup.

    Do that mean that Atomic Efi work with Mallory if we don't use control timing?

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    Default 2800 rpm and fuel cut off ...

    The Mallory 8360M is just a COPY of our MSD Pro-Billet Ready-to-Run distributor. It may use a magnetic pick-up within the distributor, however it is providing an amplified ignition output.

    This should work with the Atomic as long as the distributor is working correctly.

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    Default 2800 rpm and fuel cut off ...


    Engine is sbc:

    is it so that MSD Ignition 8360 - MSD Pro-Billet Ready-To-Run Distributors

    work with MSD Atomic Efi without ignition module?

    And please answer to me fast than I can order correct distributor.

    In here summer is really short.

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    Default 2800 rpm and fuel cut off ...

    Yes, the MSD Pro-Billet Ready-To-Run Distributor is PN 8360. This will have a grey Tach output wire that will provide a clean RPM signal for the Atomic.

    Here is a link for this distributor:

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