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Thread: Wont Run need help

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    Default Wont Run need help

    Done the install, understand all i was meant to do.

    Not under timing control yet waiting on phased rotor to come in.

    Engine would fire up hit about 1800rpms then died like it was not getting fuel.

    Would try to run when cranking.

    If i leave the key on and try to start it struggles.

    If i turn the key off then start again it jumps to 1800 rpms again with no idle.

    Still cant get it to idle, played with throttle blades with no difference.

    After reading a few posts i upgraded the software with great ease.

    Now i get a current error with MAP.

    This only come in since the upgrade was done, and engine still does the same.

    Please dont tell me it has to go back i live in OZ.

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    jpg559 Guest

    Default Wont Run need help

    One thing that is a re-occurring issue with folks when they start it up the first time is to make sure you have everything correctly set up with the handheld.

    Make sure you have the correct fuel pump type selected (PWM or return).

    Also make sure your wiring is correct and well connected (grounding has been some heartache for some also).

    I know you will probably need to provide some more information on your setup for MSD or some of the other knowledgeable folks on this forum to help you further.


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    Default Wont Run need help

    It sounds like the Atomic is not getting a proper RPM signal.

    Where is the White wire from the throttle body (three wire connector) connected?

    What ignition is this installed with?

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    Default Wont Run need help

    MSD 6al digital with blaster coil, using a mates dizzy it is a pro comp billet.

    Had no issues with a carby on it.

    When phasing rotor turns up my msd dizzy will go in with the timing control.

    The white wire is going to the gray on the 6al.

    You can clearly see the RPMs on the hand piece working.

    And what about the constant MAP error is that not a issue, it says 90 Kpa on the hand piece but in diagnostics ERROR C. All other functions OK.

    If i play with the throttle when it first fires up i can get it to rev, its like its squirting the fuel in when playing with the throttle but will not supply any to idle.


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    Default Wont Run need help

    Has anyone any ideas i can try or check ?

    I have double checked everything.

    And what about the current MAP error thats all i can put it down too.

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    Default Wont Run need help

    Is the MAP Error always at C?

    If this is the case, the throttle body assembly will need to be sent for repair to replace the MAP sensor.

    Please contact our RMA department to send it in.

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    Default Wont Run need help

    I did say this in the first post ( Now i get a current error with MAP. )

    Do you have a service centre in Australia or do i have to send it back to USA.

    Does your RMA department have a e-mail address as this would be easier as of the time difference for international customers.


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    Default Wont Run need help

    Rocket Industries is your local service center.

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    Default Wont Run need help

    I know rocket industries are the australian supplier but i bought it direct from you.

    I also know that if i have any issues that rocket industries will tell me to go to the place i bought it which is YOU.

    I will try rocket industries today but would say i will be back in touch for RMA email within the day.


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    Default Wont Run need help

    Im in Australia too.. This is why i have not purchased yet. Worried about the amount of support we get here if it shits itself.. Dont want to be waiting around to send stuff back and forth to US...

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