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Thread: 1994 sierra...stock tbi to Atomic conversion

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    Default 1994 sierra...stock tbi to Atomic conversion

    Im so sick of dealing with my stock tbi setup on my 1994 sierra! I have tried so many upgrades, tips, and tricks, but i still can not get the performance i want out of it. Plus, i'm very limited to my tuning option since everything is controlled by the PROM. I want to know if anyone has converted a vehicle like mine to the Atomic kit? Would i see better performance? Fuel mileage? What would i need to do to run this setup on my truck? I know i need a carb intake and a HEI dist.

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    Default 1994 sierra...stock tbi to Atomic conversion

    And would i be able to run the 4l60E trans with the Atomic Kit?

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    Default 1994 sierra...stock tbi to Atomic conversion

    And would i be able to run the 4l60E trans with the Atomic Kit?

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    Default 1994 sierra...stock tbi to Atomic conversion

    I don't believe you would see better mileage only because a factory setup runs very lean as it is so a proper tune that adds a bit of fuel for better throttle response would net a bit less not more.

    I have not done this conversion but it can be done. Besides your intake and dizzy you would need a trans controller to support your electronic trans. There may be other computer controlled devices that would also fail to operate but I can't think of any offhand.

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    Default 1994 sierra...stock tbi to Atomic conversion

    actually, it can be done..."BUT" ..

    1) you will need a controller for the transmission( street rodder guys would know)

    2) we need to see about the emission laws in your state ( to see if that can be done)

    3) would need new intake and a 85551 or 85501 distributor ( to trigger the msd box)

    4) also: a 84211 adjustable rotor ( to fine tune rotor phasing)

    5)cruise control mount might have to be modified to fit.( depends on the intake you get)

    ( alot of investment)

    you may want to check with howell engineering or maybe street and performance


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    Default 1994 sierra...stock tbi to Atomic conversion

    Well all that is some good info... This is more of a long term outlook on the destination i have in mind for this project. Money isnt really that big of a deal as long as it is spent on good quality reliable, and good performing parts. I just really like the simplicty of the atomic. I think my first move is actually going to be to strip out all the stock computer stuff and do true carb conversion on it. That wont be very expensive. Then I can later go through and hook up the atomic system and it would be just like setting it up on a carbed vehicle

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    Make sure all your tbi parts are good. Check shaft play for the throttle blades. Make sure your o2 sensor is new. Get it running great. After that try a 454 throttle body with 350 injectors. The 454 injectors are too big.

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