got my car running and i made a harness to run my handheld into the car to see whats going n

at idle my AFR are around 12.8-13.4 they jump around a bit

at WOT they seem to be under 14.

i messed around briefly with the AFR targets and there is no improvement

the car runs very good but the smell of unburnt fuel is killing me and my wife when i park it.

there is a ton of black sut that shoots out my tailpipes when i fire it up.

I took my pump squirt setting from 28 down to 15 and still no improvement

i get bad POPS when I pin the throttle hard and let off the ca backfires 1-2 pops faintly.

I have an MSD Pro Billet and 6AL but im just using Atomic for fuel management, not ignition timing just yet.

What settings should i adjust to get rid of this rich mixture issue?

i called MSD they said keep driving it, well i have 70+ miles on it and it hasn't gotten any better.

thanks guys