Hi. Love your products and technical support!

I'm looking to install your products on my cooling & heater hoses on my JEEP CJ7. The heater core is 1/2" & 5/8" hose connections and the SB Chevy is 5/8" & 3/4". I found some adapters to up-size the heater core on the JEEP to 5/8" & 3/4" to interface with the SB Chevy. Is there a "heater hose" kit? The fitting in my Edelbrock intake manifold is a beat up brass fitting (looks pretty shabby). I'm looking to replace that also. I'm also replacing the water pump with a new high flow pump and therefore have the option to put a NEW fitting into it. Any thoughts? So can you hook me up with some part numbers for fittings for a simple install of Earl's hose in black with the neat looking fittings? For the radiator input & output I need to get some flange OD/IDs before I ask. Jim