I'm using the 7761 and it works great! I use the ground reference to turn off the second system if the ARC activates (and it works awesome...see below). I do not use the rev limiter, only the two lines of retard. Currently, anytime the ARC is activated by the first line of retard, it will send a signal reference. Is it possible to: a) add another "line" to draw for the signal reference...for instance it could be drawn in the middle, between the two lines of retard? or b) allow the option for the signal reference to be activated by either the first line of retard, or the second line...and give the user the option. For instance, on a GOOD track, or on slicks, the signal reference doesn't activate until the second line of retard is reached OR on a bad track, or on radials, the first line of retard will activate the signal reference?

Don't get me wrong, the ARC is great now...just think it could be even better with a small software upgrade!