I can not get MSD View to see the 7761. It see's the 7730 just fine.

YES the key is on, Racepak and Holley HP are communicating.

MSD View Ver: 3.2.2 19610 3/2/2012 10:53:40 AM
7730 SN#1150 COM#8
SW Ver: 1.3.3 AUG 7 2012 08:44:03
HW Ver: 1.0
Manufacturing Date :20110915
BL SW Ver: PCBDC155 Feb 2010
Com Port #8

A check for updates say "No update for this device"
7761 is hooked up to The Grid, Racepak and sensor
I checked that all plug in wires were the same
working with 12.7v right now
plugs in the 7740 start furthest from the dongle end going 7730 the 7761 with dongle in the 7740 cord end

Please help