I just have a few questions about the new ARC 7761 I just purchased.
The yellow wire that is not pre-terminated in the bundle (with the blue/white wire that actually goes in the driveshaft connector for the racepak) does not actually have to be hooked to anything does it? I am thinking that the arc module using the software actually determines the retard needed based on the retard curves saved.

Second question is about the amount of retard in the curves. Why wouldn't you just use one retard line at the maximum amount available(I believe 20 degrees is the most you can select in the software). In other words just drag the first dot on the scale down to 20 and just have a straight line horizontally on the graph and let the ARC take out as much as needed? After I get a few runs to analyze then you could actually create a graph based on the timing removed during the run. If it doesn't need the 20 degrees to reduce the driveshaft rpm the it should only take out what is necessary. Am I out in left field on this line of thinking?

Also this is a NA 10.5 BBC car if that matters.