I just got the 6al programmable box and msd distributor. Not sure the best way to make a map. My total timing is locked out at 33* my map im taking 1.5* of timing out per pound of boost. Starting at 3 pounds. Its breaking up at 5k and running 9-10 on my fast a/f meter. Am I taking to much timing out? That brings me to around 20* total timing at wot. I seen some maps where guys are starting at 5psi then only taking 1-.5* out per pound is that safe to do with 104 octane fuel? Im new to blow thru set up/ tuning and the msd programmable boxes.
Thanks for any help.

I have a ford 302 roller engine with a ford motorsport fcam with 1.7 rockers, 650 holley with a carb shop blow thru conversion, eldlebrock performer rpm intake, areomotive fuel system a1000 pump, fuel cell,performance automatic c4 3800 stall, 4:10 gears. 104 octane fuel 93 and 110 mixed 50/50 spark plugs gapped at .024.