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Thread: how to wire transbrake8970,8969,8737w/nitrous

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    love affair Guest

    Default how to wire transbrake8970,8969,8737w/nitrous

    i would like a diagram to wire 3 stage retard ie 8970 with ditgital window switch
    8969 w a 3 step 8737 on a transbrake delay box rtd 7 with one stage of nitrous
    can you help

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    msdtech1955 Guest


    did you call in yesterday ?

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    msdtech1955 Guest


    first draft : not knowing what ignition "box" you have


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    love affair Guest

    Default how to wire 7al-2,transbrake,nitrous,8970,8969,8737

    thanks for the first draft yes that was me that called yesterday i have a 7al-2
    ign box by the way would it be the same wiring as the 6al you illustrated where do the grey,orange,and the yellow wire connect to at 7al-2 ? and do the 3 step
    plug into the 7al-2,i appreciate your time thanks

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    msdtech1955 Guest


    three step plugs into the 7al-2

    on the 8970:

    yellow to points terminal on the 7al-2
    white wire not used
    red to 12 volts ignition
    black to ground.


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    love affair Guest

    Default how to wire 7al-2,transbrake,nitrous,8970,8969,8737

    thanks very much msd1955 you have been a great help now i can leave on those ls-1 ones on time and fast

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    love affair Guest

    Default how to wire 7al-2,transbrake,nitrous,8970,8969,8737

    hi i was puzzled somewhat about my switches the transbrake button on my shifter i have one side connected to the rtd-6 is the other side grounded that
    showing in the diagram in addition how is the line loc switch set up it is also connected to the rtd-6 but i don't know how it will activate separately your diagram is only showing the nitrous arming switch and the transbrake switch i
    will appreciate once again your explanations thanks

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