Troubleshooting possible SD card issues is pretty straight forward. In the event of an SD card issue, take the SD card out of the PowerGrid, and try reading the SD card with a PC using a memory card reader.

If that checks out, try formatting the SD card and reinstalling it into the PowerGrid. If the PowerGrid is still reporting an SD card error(s), disconnect the 34-pin connector, the USB cable, and take the SD card out of the PowerGrid.

Plug the USB cable back into the PowerGrid. Watch the LED on the PowerGrid. When the LED goes solid green, stick the SD Card back in. After approximately 5-6 seconds, the LED should turn solid green. In the event the LED is Red, there is a problem with the unit itself. Contact us via e-mail or directly through our tech line @ 915-855-7123 to get the unit sent in.