Thank you for your previous advice. My intention is to fit a MSD ignition control box (eg. Digital 6A PN 6201 or similar) and the Adjustable Timing Control (PN 8680).
For maximum reliability and performance I have decided to fit all new MSD ignition components. Considering this vehicles usage (towing & off road) your advices as to the best additional ignition components (distributor, coil etc.) to have a completely integrated MSD ignition system would be greatly appreciated.
Additionally I intend to incorporate an engine knock alert (PN 8964) because this engine will be run on dual fuels, 91 octane(MON/RON) petrol/gasoline and LPG Autogas (liquid petroleum gas) which has an octane rating (MON/RON) that varies between 90 & 110. My engine rebuilder would appreciate your advice regarding the optimal position in the Ford Cleveland V8 engine block to drill the hole to accomodate the knock sensor.
Also any additional advices/opinions regarding my intentions would be valued.

Many thanks

Alan Mackay