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Thread: Some 4217 Questions??????

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    Ian Harrison Guest

    Default Some 4217 Questions??????

    Hi Guys

    Really for the Tecnical guys.

    Here in the UK we run Superkarts with single cylinder CR250 motors and bespoke twin cylinder tandem twin engines (both cylinders firing at the same time). Like this:

    For the single I have been recommended to try the MSD-4217 programmable ignition with the MSD-8232 Coil. This will be supplied with a 14V DC supply taken from the manufacturers generator, rectified and regulated and triggered with the standard trigger and magnetic pick-up. Like this:

    I have 4 questions:

    1. Is the 8232 the best coil to use with the 4217. I see it has a massive 45kV output voltage or would the 42921 ATV coil be better. It has a lower voltage, but is described as having a "hotter spark". What is your opinion?

    2. Does the 4217 come with a harness/plug that plugs direct into the 8232 coil or is it a "wire it yourself" job?

    3. Do you manufacture a suitable twin outlet coil that will fire both cylinders of the twin using the 4217. In your opinion would this be a good solution.

    4. On our current ignition we use a 5kOhm resistor cap and resistor spark plugs. Is the plug cap on the MSD-31019 universal single wire set a resistor cap and if so what resistance?

    Looking forward to your replies prior to purchase.

    Best Regards

    Viper Racing UK

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    On a single cylinder application the best coil to use with our 4217 controller is part number 8232. The 4217 ignition will come with a complete wire harness but being it is a universal ignition you will need to hard wire it in this is not a plug-n-play system. If you need to fire two cylinders at the same time the coil you would need to use is our small motorcycle blaster coil pn 4573. As far as spark plug wires for a single cylinder use pn 31019 and for a twin pn 31009.

    Thank you
    Ray C

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    Ian Harrison Guest


    Hi Ray

    Many thanks for your prompt reply.

    Best Regards

    Viper Racing UK

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