First, I must say that I am very pleased and impressed with the level of customer service that MSD offers. Recently I had an issue with trying to use the "Power Tower" that came with my Blaster 2 coil and sought advice on the Install forum. A reply and a PM later, and I had a new coil wire coming to me that had a male end on one side and a female end on the other. That brings me to this suggestion.

While waiting for my new coil wire I searched "Power Tower" on here and noticed a bit of other people having issues with them. All of them were sent new coil wires that would have the female end for their "HEI" style distributor cap and a male end for their coil. Through a Google search, I found that many people were taking their brand new MSD coil wires and cutting the female coil end off and putting on a male end. It'd be nice if MSD would simply offer this kind of coil wire for purchase. That would avoid all of the Power Tower issues and the hassle of having to either modify a newly purchased coil wire or burden you guys with getting an "opposite ended" wire made up and sent out.

Anyway, it was just a suggestion.