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Thread: Best way for the Step Retard

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    Default Best way for the Step Retard

    I purchased a car with a single stage nitrous system, a 7531 and a Edy 71900 and the car has the nitrous through the progessive but the Step 1 (pink wire) is straight to a 12v activating the nitrous as well so when staging the car and attempting to run the spray it is pulling out timing right away. What is the best way to pull timing out with the Step 1 retard? I want it on a time not RPM, can I set to 800 RPM and with 12v applied can I have it set to like .40 and it should work, correct? Or will I have to get a separate timer?

    Please advise

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    msdtech1955 Guest


    this is how the step retard works....

    Step Retard Ramp: Each retard step can be ramped from its full and
    retard amount over a time based program. There is a Sec 0.0 adjustment and
    for each step. This allows you to select an amount of time to ramp the retard
    from its activation value to zero 0° retard. It is adjustable from 0-2.5
    seconds and in 0.01 second increments. Default is 0.

    RPM The minimum engine rpm that must be reached before a step retard is
    ON The amount of time it takes for the step retard to reach its Retard Degree.
    Allows a gradual ramp ON time to reach the Retard Degree.
    User adjustable from 0.00 to 2.50 sec. (0.01 sec increments)
    OFF The amount of time it takes for the step to retard to reach NO retard.
    Allows a gradual ramp OFF time to reach NO Retard.
    User adjustable from 0.00 to 2.50 sec. (0.01 sec increments)
    Note: See Graphs Below:
    Deg The amount of retard.

    but, the simple route would be to use a digi-set timer.
    also, are you using relays at the line to turn on nitrous when trans brake is released?

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