I will soon be getting a stock 1995 RX7 and want to put a large HP NOS system in the car. I see nitrous oxide systems provides a few different 500HP and up systems. I don't know if this is too much or is this a good system for the car. The specific system I was looking at, was the extreme race kits 250-500HP Pro 2 Stage plate system the part number is 02302NOS: http://www.holley.com/02302NOS.asp I would like to have a dual purge system and have two 20lb tanks. If two 20 lbs are too much I'll settle for two 10 or 15 lb tanks. I also saw there are plate and Fogger systems since this will be on a rotary engine which should I get could you please respond with everything I'll need to get including and upgrades to engine and some extras I may want to get I am new to nitrous thank you for your time.
Sincerely, NOS Noob