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Thread: MSD Boost controller help

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    msdtech1955 Guest


    thickness of the wire ....also , if the wire was a smaller would not want to bottom out the screw in the inductive pickup....( might break)

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    msdtech21 Guest


    The 8912 will not provide a tach signal for the boost controller. The 8912 is basically an inductor that generates a high voltage/low current kickback signal when the wire is pulsed with a square wave.

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    Thank you guys so much!

    I'll be troubleshooting this weekend onthe RPM signal and hopefully testing again very soon!

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    msdtech21 Guest


    Ok. Keep us posted.

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    OK, so I've ot the rpm issue figured out and now I am actually getting some swing in my PWM, but it is taking some very wild numbers to get it to do so. It is not controlling boost like it shuold, it is staying below target.

    Attached is my last acq file with the PID set at 20 0 100.

    I tried 30 15 0, 30 15 15, 40 0 40, 30 0 60, and couldn't get any swing in PWM until I got to 30 0 60. last run was with 20 0 100 and it is still very messy.

    C02 to the top of the gate at 70psi line pressure.

    HELP!! What am I doing wrong?
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    msdtech21 Guest


    I called and left a message.

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    I tried calling multiple times yesterday and just got your vmail everytime.

    Can you elaborate on here with what you see from the ACQ file? I will try to call again today. I work 8-5 EST, is there a best time to call?

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    msdtech1955 Guest


    i believe we talked to you on this yesterday.:001_smile:

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    I am still stuck with issues.....

    I've tried many different things and the last we talked, it was determined my car was overboosting due to wastegate placement.

    Well the car is not overboosting. It hits a wall at 24psi and will not climb above it, no matter what changes I make in the settings for the controller.

    Target is at 34psi over ref psi and PWM stays at 40 the entire run.

    I'm leaning towards a defective solenoid, how do I test it? Measure resistance? What's the proper test procedure for the solenoid? HELP!

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