I am having an issue with my new Digital 6AL and the Digital 2 step I've installed. Here is what I have...

It is installed in my VW drag car. I'm using a Bosch 009 distributor with a Compufire points replacement. This is a new race car.

The 6AL is functioning fine. However, I'm on my 2nd 2-step box. I returned my first one because I thought it was working then stopped. Now I'm not sure it ever worked. I discovered I was able to rev over any limit I dialed into the 2-step.

I exchanged that 2-step for another 2-step and wired it in last weekend. However this 2-step is not working either. I can dial in any rev limit and rev past it with the LED on the top of the 2-step glowing away like it should.

I've wired it in as per the directions. Soldered all connections and heat shrink tubing sealed them (both installs). The LED on the 2-step comes on when it should with either my burnout switch or staging brake however it does not stop me from revving up to my 6AL rev limit. My tachometer is functioning fine as well.

Any idea on where I can check for problems? I'm somewhat at a loss since wiring this in is so simple, but it is not working. Thanks.