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I recommend using Co2 for the top part of the gate as the constant pressure on top of the gate seems to have the most reliable results.

The Racepak 75psig sensor is PN 810-PT-75GVT.

When monitoring Co2 pressure on top of the gate, the unit will use Co2 to try and control boost pressure whenever the engine is running. I'd recommend just putting the boost controller on a seperate toggle switch that's only activated when the car is being staged to keep it from wasting Co2.

When starting off with a fresh install, I recommend setting the boost controller PID settings to -
P 30
I 15
D 0

P controls how fast the unit will rise to the target pressure.
I is the constant the controls boost pressure once its at the target and keeps it from varying at that point.
D is what keeps the boost controller from overshooting the target pressure.