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Thread: custom drawings

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    msdtech1955 Guest

    Default custom drawings

    :thumbup1:first post .... if your looking for some help with a drawing in a nitrous application (digi-set-relays-retards) :001_cool:..this would be the place... dont be afraid to ask .

    i'll start off with this normal one.
    2_step_nitrous_latching_relay 7531.JPG

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    msdtech1955 Guest

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    What diagram would be the best for my application, Im running a single stage plate and a bang button, 6al box, transbrake, and now a 8975 timing controler. What would be a good diagram to wire it so that when im on the trans brake, the motor is still at full timing, and the solenoids are disabled, and when I release the trans brake, it pulls timing, and enables the nitrous . I know it will end up going through relays, and I have them, just need a little info. Thanks fellas

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    msdtech1955 Guest


    do you wish to use timers?

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    No, I won't be using timers at this moment. I'm figuring I will be using the first 3 stages to pull the amount of timing that I need. I think I will set the engine at 34* and pull anywhere from 10 to 12*. Thanks again!!

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    msdtech1955 Guest


    drawing it up right now... also p/m me your email address you can see it bigger :thumbup1:

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    msdtech1955 Guest

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    Pm sent:thumbup1:

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    cj ford Guest



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    mcat Guest


    nitrous application can you draw this up? relays and all. i will be using heavy duty golf cart continuous duty (ford starter type) relays for my nos/ fuel solenoids and regular 30 amp for the trans brake .. i think
    grid 7730
    coil 8261
    box 7751
    and edelbrock 79100 progressive
    WOT switch
    i need a revlimiter while on the trans brake
    i want full timing until transbrake is released then initial timing dump to 11-15 total from 34-36 then i want to be able to map the timing with the grid.
    i think thats what i want what do you think?:lol:

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