I am an avid fan and user of MSD products. I havenever had an issue with anything MSD (Until Now)

I had 2 pro billet 8381 Optispark distributors fail on me.

1 was years ago and if failed after 2 months (no cause found, but swapped it out and it ran fine) maybe bad electroc pick up?

Then this month I installed the same unit after my last becaise oil fouled. I fixed the oil leak and installed it and it lasted 2 weeks (80 miles) 1 time back and forth to work and around town) nothing over 3,000 RPM.

Now I just installed it's replacement and it is running well (day 1)

My thought is seeing as though these jobs are so labor intensive and cause the cars to be down a good amount of time (waiting to return the bad and get the new can be 2 weeks) MSD should offer a gift certificate program or something. I know I would use it for MSD products in the future.

Just a thought, MSD supplied bad parts, caused me a huge headache and labor (if a dealer was doing it I was quoted $1,200 to do it) and I had to do it twice! Also from looking through the threads I am not the only one that has had a problem.

I think a world class leader like MSD would be happy to make good to thier customers because i will continue using MSD even though this happened.