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Thread: So far, so good...

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    Randy Forbes Guest

    Default So far, so good...

    1957 Austin-Healey 100/6 2-seater, owned since 4/1/1978 (>32 years).
    Engine is from a slightly newer Healey 3000 (1959-1961?) with 3 x Weber 45DCOE, head is matched & flowed, tube headers, Mallory DP (now using only a single set of points) and all rotating/reciprocating parts are balanced.

    I just fit an MSD6AL-2 (#6421) and Blaster SS coil (#8207) a few days ago, and so far, so good! I could never seem to get the low end of the Webers to find a happy-medium between too lean at light throttle openings (pops & bangs) to being too rich, and loading up with fuel during stop & go traffic. Anything like the Woodward Avenus Dream Cruise would've killed the car.

    I was tired of trying to fix the problem (I have several hundred dollars invested in jets now...) and was just looking to treat the symptom. I figured if the MSD could burn the excess fuel at little to no throttle opening, then it's a success!

    For the record, any type of acceleration runs, and butt dyno impressions were always fantastic; anything off-idle and the car just pulls for all it's worth (which made the low/no speed running all the more perplexing).

    For the immediate future, I'll play with plug gaps and heat ranges (currently running NGK BP6ES).

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    Randy Forbes Guest


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    Randy Forbes Guest


    I guess there's no appreciation for sports cars on this forum, over fifty (>50) views, and not even the administrator left a comment.

    Hey, I grew up in Deroit during the 60s-70s and I love American iron as much as anyone (especially Mopars) but I also like being able to go around a corner without dragging the door handles.

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    msd_admin Guest


    Alright Randy, you got my attention:blink:,
    That is a very clean ride you got there. Very nice lines and the interior is a beaut!

    Did the ignition help clean up your stumble/idle transition?

    MSD Admin

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    Randy Forbes Guest


    Yeah, but I had to shame you into it, lol!

    Thanks, the interior is brand new. I did the seats/carpets a couple of months ago, and finished with all the side/door panels last weekend. If you ever want to really get back at someone, buy them an interior kit for their car; there's nothing else you could do to them that would be so frustrating (especially true if they're OCD).

    The MSD has made a noticeable difference; I find myself just pottering along in traffic (sometimes in a higher gear) just to "test" the low speed running.

    Actually, from off-idle through the rev range, there's no (typical) flat spot(s). If all I had to do was stop for a single light, get back up to 40-50 mph, and stop for another light, I'd be fine (without the MSD). It was after spending several minutes idling, that it would load up with fuel, threatening to stall out if I didn't keep blipping the throttle (to clear its throat). As cool as this engine sounds, even I didn't like continually grandstanding the engine, even if I had a good reason!

    Another thing I notice since putting on the 6AL-2, is the immediate hot start up after shutting the engine off for a few minutes. Before, I'd have to have the throttle wide open to let in all air to fire the puddle of fuel in the cylinders*, the MSD lights it right off!

    There's a lot to like about your MSD ignition system(s) and a few Healey guys have already been eyeing mine.

    * after shutting down the hot engine, heat-soak causes the Webers to "boil over" the fuel in the float-bowls, and it runs down the intake ports into the engine.

    To me, it doesn't matter what type the car is, I like all the cool ones, and I work on as many of them as I can. My home garage is not quite to die for, but it gets the job done (not shown are the milling machines, lathes, plasma cutter, powder-coating oven, etc., but they're all in there)!

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    Randy Forbes Guest


    Since I'm limited to four (4) images, I'm doing a few posts to catch up...

    And if all you like are BIG ENGINES, I'll work on those too!

    Installing a free-flow exhaust on a Viper, and later, changing its headgaskets:

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    Randy Forbes Guest


    Putting a Novi/Vortech on a brand new (938 mi.) Shelby Mustang:

    Everything I work on, gets its own photo album in my gallery ( ) so if you suffer from insomnia, or just like to see project pictures, there's more than 18,344 to keep you occupied!

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    msd_admin Guest


    Your garage looks like it has all the stuff you need to get the job done, i dig it! So most of these are customers cars? I haven't checked the link yet. Way to go. Im glad the MSD is working for you. Keep us up to date on your latest projects, especially if its packing MSD product.

    MSD Admin

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    Randy Forbes Guest


    These are mine, everything else I was paid to play with.

    As for installing MSD units, I'll push them all I can, they so easy

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    Opti Blues Guest


    Hey Cool Stuff Randy

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