Hello All

I have what I believe is a Model 2300 500 cfm carb on my Skipjack Boat. Engine starts right up and comes to a nice idle. I can rev the engine to any RPM and all sounds fine while on the trailer. When the boat is in the water and under load it stumbles, no rpm advance and sounds like it is missing. If I look down the throat of the carb I see the big squirt of fuel when I advance the linkage, while keeping the rpms up I see fuel flowing freely on one ventury but the second runs dry.. maybe a dribble but no where near the volume of the other.

I removed the bowel and it was full of fuel, there was absolutely no sign of contaminant at all, looks factory fresh. Pulled the screen filter, clean as can be and removed the 2 jets inside the bowl and there was no blockage there.

any advice is much appreciated, i am a hammer jockey at best but love to fix thing on my own, local crab guy wants $350 for rebuild