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Thread: ignition problems

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    jmathis7410 Guest

    Default ignition problems

    so i have an 81 sportster. installed the v-series ignition. worked great for about a month, then the rear jug stopped firing. i went through all the basics, plugs, wires, intake and exhaust, carb, all the easy stuff. went to do the timing and noticed the led on the module is no longer lighting up. i ordered an RMA and got the same results. I tested it with the oem and your single fire coil, same results. i was wondering what could cause this. I have not tested to see if I have 12v at my coil cause of a broken meter, but that will be checked tonight. any ideas, or troubleshooting tips?

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    The front cylinder is still firing even though the led is not lit? If you are using our single fire coil, pn 42953 check to make sure you have good connection to both negative sides of the coil. Our coil comes with a harness, if you used "butt" connectors to tie the wires together you might double check these as well. I would check for 12 volts at the positive side of the coil when the key is in the "on" position too once you have you volt meter fixed/replaced. One more thing, did you verify that your timing rotor is Harley part number 32402-83? Please let me know and we'll go from there. Thanks, Bret- MSD Powersports

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    bougie22k Guest

    Default msd trx 400 pn 4203

    i am interested to buy an msd 4230 for a honda trx 400
    can i buy it from summit racing , i am customer !!!
    where i can buy it in florida or east cost
    whats the retail price

    also i need to clear one thing about the advance curve with the switches
    can i have a curve like 10° at1000 rpm
    20° at 2000 rpm
    30° from 3000 rpm up to 8000 rpm

    thank you for your reply


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    Hello Bruno,
    Unfortunately that particular ignition has been discontinued. You might be able to get our part number 4217 to work provided you are running or can run a 12 volt battery. Please let me know and we'll go from there. Thanks Bret-MSD Powersports.

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