I am looking for a color chart for the wring on the MC-2 Wiring hardness.

I have the MC-2 but do not have the cable assembly (PN 2411) and it is no longer available.

On the MC-2, the 8 cable cluster (loom) on the end has the following colored wires in this order:

P O Bl Bl
G G Gr Wh

P= Purple
O= Orange
Bl = Black
B= Black
G= Gray
Gr = Green
Wh = White

On the wiring instructions, they all say that coil ‘A’ gets wired to Purple Black. Coil ‘B’ gets wired to Orange Yellow.

The problem is I don’t have a Yellow wire in the 8 wire cluster at the end of the MC-2.

Wondering which of the 2 Black wires corresponds to the yellow on the other side of the connector (the 2411 cable assembly).