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Thread: TPS Autoset Error

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    Default TPS Autoset Error

    Completed my TPI/HP EFI install today, but not able to perform TPS AutoSet. Every time I try, it comes up with Error #5, try again. Any suggestions? Standard GM TPS with flat connector.

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    Check the wiring at the TPS connector.
    Zoom in on the wiring diagrams (Section 13), and look at the wiring configuration: (Holley EFI Wiring Manual)

    Holley TPS sensor connector:
    Orange wire - 5V reference
    Black/White wire - ground
    Green wire - signal (center terminal on both style connectors)
    Cavity A=1, B=2, C=3

    The ECU needs to read greater than a 1.0V change for the TPS Autoset to be accepted, so the TPS may be defective or maladjusted.
    Is the throttle body lever moving through the same full range of motion, each time the accelerator is applied and released?
    If not, a TPS Autoset Error will result. I prefer to actuate the throttle lever by hand when the engine is hot (key-on/engine-off).
    Also, since this isn't a Drive-By-Wire application, the DBW ICF can't be uploaded on your GF; a TPS AutoSet Error will result.

    Currently, the TPS Error Codes 1-8 simply mean the ECU doesn't see greater than a +1.0V change for the TPS AutoSet to be accepted.
    Currently, users need to probe with a multimeter to troubleshoot a regular TPS sensor, or look at datalog voltages for Drive-By-Wire.
    Holley is working on popup messages with more Error Code information, for future versions of V4 EFI software.
    I've been told, users with Drive-By-Wire Errors should contact Holley Tech Service (LINK).

    You should be able to probe the signal terminal with a sewing needle or safety pin (through the rear cavity wire seal).
    Ensure the TPS pivotal mounting position isn't limiting the signal voltage from reaching greater than a 1.0 volt change.

    The TPS sensor functions as a variable resistor, but you're measuring variable voltage with a multimeter. (Understanding TPS Sensors) (Holley EFI 543-111 TPS)
    The 543-111 TPS sensor is the same for all Holley 4BBL throttle bodies, Terminator TBI, etc. (LINK).
    TPS Sensor - Standard Motor Products TH191 (MPFI & Terminator), Holley EFI 543-111.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Found the problem. It was the stopper on my throttle cable. It didn't allow opening the throttle more than 78%. Now I've fixed the stopper, and the TPS Autoset works good.
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