Well look at that i am totally surprised by this. I guess Superchips finally figured out that the base of their sellers "jobber" cant compete without the MVP program.

April 12, 2010

To: Authorized Superchips Dealers

Superchips Maximum Value Program (MVP) Pricing Policy Returns
Effective June 14, 2010.

Superchips proudly announces the reinstatement its Maximum Value Program (MVP) unilateral pricing policy. As you may recall, in December 2008, Superchips announced the temporary suspension of its pricing portion of the MSDP MVP Policy. This was in an effort to allow our authorized dealers the flexibility to react to the recession by offering sale pricing during a tough economic climate. The industry has weathered the storm; therefore, it's time to return to a pricing model with an emphasis on reasonable margins for the channel while delivering affordable performance for our consumers.

After receiving a significant amount of feedback from our authorized dealers and customers, we believe reinstating the MSDP MVP Authorized Dealer Pricing Policy Agreement [signed by all of the authorized Superchips dealers] is appropriate to stabilize price. To allow our authorized dealers and customers enough time to update advertising and promotional materials, we are providing 60 days notice to implement the minimum retail pricing in all sales and promotional collateral. Keep in mind MVP pricing establishes a pricing floor; therefore, retailers selling above MVP pricing are in full compliance with the terms and conditions of the program. All other MSDP MVP terms and conditions apply as per the signed MSDP MVP Authorized Agreement.

The Superchips MVP Pricing Policy takes effect June 14, 2010. For authorized dealers with long-lead committed resources and previously printed or approved sales and marketing promotions for 2010 calendar year, these programs are grandfathered for 2010 and must have written approval from Superchips. Any programs outside the MVP Pricing Policy that do not have prior written approval will be considered in violation.

Superchips reserve the right to approve seasonal/promotional pricing to authorized dealers. Announcements will be made via email as the programs become available. MVP prices may be revisited occasionally in an effort to match customer demand and achieve competitive pricing. Any future MVP price change will be communicated in advance allowing the channel to react and update their systems.

Each dealer is free to determine retail prices at or above the MVP price. This policy establishes minimum resale price for each of the MVP products. The MSDP MVP team will continue to monitor Superchips MVP pricing in the marketplace and take the necessary corrective action to bring any violators into compliance as outlined in the Authorized Dealer Pricing Policy.

Superchips' network of resellers, dealers and customers are responsible for the enforcement and compliance of the Superchips MVP policy. For more information, complete details or to sign up as an authorized dealer please visit www.msdmvp.com. All questions, requests for additional information, violations should be reported through the MSDPMVP.com website or directly to the policy administrator, Jill Metsala, MVP Marketing Programs Manager at Tel: 915-856-2745, Fax: 915-856-2121, email jmetsala@msdperformance.com. Only the MSDP Policy Administrator or Superchips are authorized to answer questions regarding this policy, to comment on the policy, or to accept information regarding potential violators.

Please click here for the MVP Price Sheet that will effective on June 14, 2010.

Best Regards,
Laurel Dasher
Director of Sales
Superchips, Inc.