Hi Fellas,
Having first checked with Holley ( they said it would be fine) I fitted the carb to my Mercruiser 485, 3.7L, straight out the box it fired up and runs great,
But the fuel consumption has more than doubled, I used 6.5 gallons yesterday to travel 12 miles and did not go above 3400rpm.
I already reduced the main jets from 61 to 57 this seems to have no effect on the fuel consumption but does make it hesitate a bit if I open up too quickly,
Have i made a big mistake buying this carb? Gas is 8 dollars a gallon over here so i cant live with the beast.
Is there anything else I can do? I really like the carb and its simplicity,
and like they said it has eliminated all the other poor running starting issues that came with the old Rochester carb so would like to keep it.
thanks for your time , Bill