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    The History of my build
    I know I have posted pics on some info on my build before but I thought a little history would be nice to add so here it goes.

    While in Iraq I began to look for another DSM. I wanted a car that did not have a million miles on it and I wanted a clean body. About halfway through my search I decided that I wanted a 90-91 car and it had to be black with silver color combination. My first car ever was a 1990 Talon AWD in this color combination. The difference was that it has 200,000+ miles on it and the body was not that great, but when I was a kid thats all I could afford. I looked for over a year and I could not find 1 car that was half of what I wanted. I gave up for about 3 months then one day I decided to try I searched for both Mitsubishi Eclipse and Eagle Talon, 1990-1991 in black and this was the first car I found. The ad read something like this:

    "1990 Eagle Talon AWD, Black and Silver, ONLY 47,000 Original miles still has new car smell, ABSOLUTELY ZERO RUST."

    I immediately wrote down the number, switched from a computer to a phone (damn internet cafe') and called the guy. He said that he bought it from the original owner and had never driven the car other than to bring it home (about 5 miles) I told him I was in Iraq and that I was 99 percent positive I wanted the car. I asked him to send me as many pictures as he could and that I would call him after I received the pics. I had the pictures in under 30 minutes. After looking at the pics I knew I had to have it. I called him back and told him I wanted the car, but my parents were on vacation so it would be about a week before anyone could come for it. He said no problem, I got his name and address to send him 500 dollars to hold the car. I then called my parents who informed me that they had ended their vacation early and were only an hour away from his house. I called the guy back, my parents pick it up that night!!! The rest as they say is history. So here is a bit of history on the build.

    Originaly this build stared out as a 550 hp build. I had a turbo made from bullseye power bought a few other items like an act 2600 etc. I then contacted Ron Shearer about making me a manifold for the turbo. At the time Ron was not really making T3 manifolds. After talking with Ron I changed my goals and we came to the conclusion that this turbo was just not going to do the job. We decided to go with a Garrett GT42R. After doing much research and realizing just how much power could be made with that turbo I was all in. I quickly went from building a 550 hp car to a 650 hp car then to what I am building today..a car that should make well over 900 hp off the bottle. I started buying 1600 cc injectors, AEM EMS, sold the parts I had already bought and just kept moving forward. I contacted John Shepherd about building me a transmission. I wanted a stage 3 but after talking with John we decided to go with a doxbox transmission. I then started explaining that I needed a clutch and was not sure what to use for such high hp levels. John gave me a few choices and explained the strengths and weaknesses of each. The only weakness of the tilton was the price. I was in the mind set that if I was going to build this car I would do it right. I then stated that I needed axles and a driveshaft and I had questions about the strength of the transfer case and a cylinder head. So about 16,000 dollars later I had a dogbox,tilton carbon clutch, driveshaft shop axles both front and rear, drive shaft shop driveshaft one of John's transfer cases and a Fox Lake cylinder head. I contacted Buschur Racing about things like the short block, msd ignition etc and they were very helpful as they have always been to me. After getting a good parts list complete I started to assembly. I am going to stop ranting for a while and post an up to date mod list and some pics.

    Buschur Stage 3 Block Crower rods JE pistons
    Buschur racing FMIC New style
    Buschur racing boost controller
    Buschur coil on plug
    MSD DIS-2
    Dual Tial 44mm wastegates
    Dual Tial Bovs
    Custom Grind Crane cams
    Magnus Motorsports intake manifold
    AccuFab 75MM throttle body
    Fox Lake Head
    AEM Wide band
    Nitrous Oxide Systems Direct port pro fogger
    Tilton Carbon/Carbon clutch
    Shep Racing Dogbox transmision
    Driveshaft Shop Stage 5 axles
    Shep Racing transfercase upgrade
    Driveshaft shop alluminum driveshaft
    Shearer Fabrication Top mount manifold
    Shearer fab 3.5" V band turbo back Exhaust
    Shearer 5" intake
    Shearer v band intercooler pipes
    Ceramic coated manifold,downpipe, turbine housing and dump tubes
    FIC 1000 CC primaries
    FIC 1600 cc secondary injectors
    Weldon 2345 fuel pump
    Weldon dial a flow fuel pump controller
    3rd Gen RX-7 Wheels
    Dul piston brake upgrade
    Aem EMS
    Eibach pros

    I am sure there is more but it's just so hard to remember. If some asks what I am running for this part or that part I can tell you but to make a list is just kinda hard.

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    Looks good! Keep us posted!

    MSD Admin

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    Thanks, will do.

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    two step time....:thumbup1:

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