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Thread: 43161 vs. 4316 triggers

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    Wink 43161 vs. 4316 triggers


    Forgive the newbie question. What is the Major difference between the 4316 and 43161 Triggers? Both of them are used with the same brain 42351. If I ordered the Universal Kit 42360 I would recieve 43161 Triggers. Does this mean the Universal Kit doesn't work with a Yamaha 701? Will the 43161 trigger work with my Yamaha 701?

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    What do you have to do to get a reply around here? I see that only one that’s been waiting for a reply.
    Hey MSD your Tech Forum is dying a slow miserable death. Why don't you guys take a few moments and answer some of your customer’s questions?


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    Well since I never recieved an anwer on this I asked the same question on a different site and here is the reply:
    Quote Originally Posted by SUPERTUNE
    I don't know any of the part #'s but have a TL on the shelf and can look at the package if needed, But I do know the the difference in in the Yamaha 701 is a plain drilled hole for mounting and the thread insert is in the backing plate, on like 1200R/800 setup the threaded insert is in the trigger plate and a plain hole in the backing plate.
    If you get the ones for the 1200/800 you can just use a small punch and drive them out then slightly run a cleanup drill through and will be exactly like the ones for the 701.
    (Maybe this will be helpful to someone, maybe not)

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    The 4316 and 43161 triggers are the same as far as how they work the only thing that sets them apart is how they mount. The 43161 triggers have two clinch nuts to mount them where the 4316 do not.

    Sorry for the delay on an answer but it looks like we are having some problems on our powersports forums. If you need anymore help please give me a call at 1-888-258-3835.

    Thank you

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    Thank you for the reply! :thumbup:

    This gives me more choices for spares.

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    Thank you and if you have anymoe questions please let us know.

    Thank you


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