I am running a drag S-10 truck, small block chevy. I have installed the 6AL ignition, 8739 2-step, 8982 retard control, blaster 2 coil, 85551 distributor and 8.8 super conducter wires. The truck also has nitrous, 5800 rpm stall converter, trans brake, etc.
Here is my trouble. I am launching off the trans brake and 2-step at 4,000 rpm. It launches hard then it's just like the ign. shuts off for a millesecond and right back on. It does this until just past 60' then it runs strong the rest of the way. The shut off, cut out happens 3 or 4 times in the first 60'. I have eliminated the fuel because it does it while on nos too. (nos has it's own fuel supply). I have the heavy black to a battery ground which is also chassis grounded, the heavy red is to the battery. All wire connections have been soldered. There is a ground from engine to chassis, ground from battery to chassis too. I have an alternator so voltage is 14.5 volts. Could it be a bad 2-step or a bad retard control? When it shuts off it doesn't go into a rev control, just off then back on. 60' times are 1.78 to 1.82 but the truck is running 7.30 and 107 mph in 1/8 mile. We have tried everything, all wiring has been checked and rechecked. Next time at the track I am going to unhook the 2-step to see what happens. MSD tech or anyone else got any suggestions? I sure could use any advise. Thanks