Just picked up a Commander 950 TBI, used.

I only have the printed hardware / install manual, no wiring diagrams

The only wiring I've found at Holley seems to be the "pro" system - is the wiring the same?

How do I ID the firmware in the box? Can I just power it up, hook up the computer and read it? It's not encoded onto an ID tag?

How do I ID the throttle body size? I found a post indicating that the 900 cfm is 1 3/4, these are about that, so there's nothing between 1 1/2" and 1 3/4"?

I may (try to) run this on my 318, and this may be oversized for that engine. What if anything can I do there?

I also have a used 2bbl 2D system. If I can overcome the connector differences can I run the 2bbl body with the 950 computer, or should I consider disabling the 2 rear barrels?

I have a 360 "on the burner" but don't know when that might be ready. I'm 64, have arthritis, and work pretty slowly, sometimes.

The girl in question: Craigslist engine, A-727, seats, tach, and GPS. Actually the CAR came from Craigslist. Ford Versailles 3.89 disk brake rear, soon to be late disk front. Mild little mechanical cam, 650 Edelbrock, Performer RPM.