Here's our sleeper....
Sleeper??? well nobody believes what sticking out of the hood overhere. It must be fake......he must be a wannabee...and the screaming noise must be a worn out gearbox...
A Capri with a V8 is a bit rare overhere..... Only five registrated overhere in the Netherlands and only two including ours on the road.

Its running a Rover 215 V8 9:1cr. Its has Merlin F85 heads (new castings from Real Steel in England) a 200' Viper Hurricane cam, Rhoads lifters, a modifiet fully opened Offy intake with a Magnacharger 110 on it.
Carb is a modifiet Holley 465 and ignition is a MSD Pro Billet 8548, a 6AL, a seperate BTM module, a Blaster II coil and Super Conductor wires.
Transmission is a Rover LT77 5 speed manual and endratio is a 3.09:1 in a Capri rearend with a Quaife ATB diff.

Overdrive of the Gilmer driven supercharger is set at 60% which means 4psi with the better flowing Merlin heads. Oooh yeah it screams at WOT.
Its been dyno't last month with 260 Bhp @ 5560 rpm and 280 Lbft @ 3820 rpm at the wheels.
Not bad Ill guess with only 4 psi.
As you can see in picture one this car is some sort of a daily. Its normal for us to take it on a 2000 mile holiday trip and make some passes on a local dragstrip and go back home. So we are not aiming for max horsepower but we allready have the gears on stock to raise boost to a still not much 7 psi.... (Magnacharger assured us the blower could easely spin 18K/min).
Not unimportand it runs on European rating 95 octane fuel. Easy to get and the cheapest one available. This makes it even more fun to take it on a holliday trip passing four differend countrys not worrying about octane ratings available or not having enough octane booster with us...

Like Ed Roth drawed in the early days: