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    I bought a 4217 cdi and a hall effect trigger. I have everything installed on my K301 Kohler 12HP pulling tractor engine. I cannot get it to fire. I don't think I am getting a trigger signal. I have an aluminum disk on the front (opposite flywheel) of the engine. I sunk 4 magnets into the disk and mounted the hall effect behind it. What is the air gap for the trigger to work? I am at about 3/16" now. I can't get much closer with current setup.

    I also have no LED with power to trigger. Once it is disconnected it lights and when I reconnect I get a spark. What am I doing wrong?:confused1:

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    Assuming that you are running our pn4154 style pickup your air gap should be somewhere between .030 and you more than likely will have to close the gap and this should fix your problem. Since the led is on and you get a spark when you connect the trigger this is a good indication that the ignition is functioning properly. A few things to check for if you haven't already; are your magnets facing south side out toward the pickup? On that same note is the flat side of your pickup facing the magnets? Do the magnets pass across the "U" shaped part of the pickup? In the software is the "tach in" programmed for "msd hall"? If none of this provides a remedy for your problem please let me know. Thanks, Bret- MSD Powersports Tech

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    I had it backwards. I was guessing since it wasn't anywhere in the instructions. I also need to know if there is any way to program out the TPS. I do not have one and it makes a difference on how it follows the curve since it is reading voltage from somewhere.

    Is there a TPS that I can adapt to my foot throttle?

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    The TPS feature of the 4217 is optional so if you do not have a throttle position sensor then these wires will not be used. When not using the TPS feature you must follow the closed throttle graph, it is best to overlay both curves- wide open and closed, so that there will be no confusion as to what graph you are following. In some cases there is residual voltage present on the TPS wires of the 4217 which can cause the ignition to want to follow the wide open curve. By overlaying the curves this will eliminate any question of what timing curve you are following. Thanks again, Bret-MSD Powersports Tech

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