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Thread: 2003 RX-1 snowmobile

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    woolywasisname Guest

    Default 2003 RX-1 snowmobile

    Yes, I would like to install a launch control on my 2003 RX-1 snowmobile. It is an inline 4 cylinder 4 stroke engine the stoke ignition is CDI with "coil on caps". I believe it is quite similar to the Yamaha R! engine.

    Anway I would like to know what to I have purchase in order to install a launch control. It does not have to use factory harness connection if it is made for a different application (eg Suzuki Hybusa).

    Please, any info is greatly appriceated.

    David Wooldridge

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    Default 4350

    Hello David,
    MSD part number 4350 is our launch limiter for coil on plug applications. Although it has not been tried on a snowmobile before, it should fit your application provided it is a 12 volt system- or 12 volts at the coil positive wire with the key in the on position. Would it be possible for you to give me a call at your convenience so we can discuss this in further detail. You can reach me at 888-258-3835, ext 2808. Thanks, Bret- MSD Powersports Tech

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    woolywasisname Guest

    Default Phone number does not work.


    The phone number you gave me does not work. I do live in Canada, perhaps that is why it is not working.

    Thanks for now Brett,

    My number is

    (902) 436-1333 Ext. 800


    David Wooldridge

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    woolywasisname Guest

    Default CDI ignition

    Yes I have confirmmed that the ignition is the CDI type. What can I use a a launch control for this application?

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    Default 4350

    Part number 4350 is the launch controller that will work on individual coil per cylinder. I am concerned with the connection at the coils though. I know that the connectors on some watercraft are not the same as what are on the same make of motorcycle. One example is on the Kawasaki Ultra 250 jet ski. The 4350 will connect directly to the zx14 and zx10 so you would think that it would also fit the ultra 250 but this is not the case. You mentioned though that you may be willing to hard wire it in and not use our connectors at all.....this is possible once you have identified you stock wiring. You can call my direct line if you have any questions- it is 915-856-2726. Thanks again, Bret-MSD Powersports Tech

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