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Thread: Questions for pn4217,pn4573,pn4154

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    rs3dpl Guest

    Default Questions for pn4217,pn4573,pn4154

    I am from Greece and I am using five months your CDI 4217 for drag races to my mini modified Honda Z50.It works fine but I am making some changes and will need your help.

    1.I am using my engines stock magnetic pick up but now I will install your Hall effect trigger pickup PN4154.
    It has three wires:white,black,pink Where should I connect each wire?(positive,negative,trigger).

    2.I am using a 8232 coil but,I will install a twin-spark head at my single cylinder engine,so I have bought a
    4573 coil.I don`t know how to connect it.Where should I connect positive and negative wires?Are both directions OK?

    3.I use a pingel electric shifter.I would like to know If it would be safe for the Ignition`s life and operation to kill the engine for shifting from the coils positive wire(orange wire)?

    I hope you can help.Thank you.

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    Default 4217

    The 4154 Hall effect pickup connects like this:
    Red or pink- 12 volts
    Black- ground
    White- trigger
    The 4573 connections do not matter which wire goes to what post, they can be connected either way.
    I would not recommend killing the ignition through the coil positive wire this could have adverse affects on the ignition (burn it up). Your best bet would be to interrupt the signal wire(white wire) by sending it to ground whenever a shift needs to be made. Hope these were the answers you were looking for if not let me know. Thanks, Bret- MSD Powersports Tech

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    rs3dpl Guest

    Default 4217 killing?

    Thanks for answering.
    About the killing I still think it will not work safe by grounding the white wire.
    I am saying that because I was already using this wire for killing(by grounding it) when I used my stock ignition trigger and after my second race the ignition stopped working so I sent it to your service for repair.They told me that I was wrong and that the white wire is only to stop the engine not for shift killing.Also now the white wire will be used for the trigger.
    Would it also be wrong if I interrupt the negative coil wire?
    Finnally I am also thinking if I can interrupt the white wire(now the signal wire)with a relay,but not ground it!
    What should I do this time?

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    Default 4217

    We have used the white wire successfully as an ignition kill on other applications so I am not sure why it didn't work for you. You may try the blue launch wire if you are not utilizing this feature of the 4217. If you set this limit at the lowest RPM setting which is 1000 RPM you should be able to kill the ignition by sending this wire to ground whenever a kill is needed. As for using a relay to interrupt the trigger signal I have never heard of this being done but if you can successfully do this through the use of a relay it might work. I would not recommend killing the ignition via the coil wires as this will certainly at some point ruin the ignition. On a different note is this a popular bike for racing in Greece? Do you have any photos of your bike you can send me? My e-mail address is if you have any you would like to send. I am curious how this turns out if you could please keep me updated on your progress. Thanks again, Bret MSD Powersports Tech

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    rs3dpl Guest

    Default 4217 killing?

    I really don`t know if the white wire was the reason of the damage or because by mistake I had disconnected a few times the ignition from the negative wire first?Is that unsafe?
    Using the blue launch can`t be done as I am using it at the starting line and has helped very much.
    About the trigger 4154,I am using a steel flywheel with a steel tab too.
    Will I need to install magnets to the tab or will it work as it is?
    I will try to connect the relay and see how it works.I hope the relay will not be slow so I can have the the correct millisecond interrupt.Finally I will email you soon with details and photos of the bike.Thanks.

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    Default 4217

    Disconnecting the negative wire should not affect anything other shutting the power off to the ignition. Did you do this while it was under load? The relay would be your next option since you are using the blue launch wire. As for the flywheel, your steel flywheel will not work. If you mounted a magnet or magnets in a steel flywheel the surrounding area of the magnet would also be magnetized to some degree. This would cause erratic triggering. To make the 4154 work properly an aluminum flywheel will be the way to go. Magnets will need to be installed in series to determine your timing capability thus 40 degrees worth of magnets equals approximately 40 degrees worth of timing. It is pretty much the same concept as the timing tab on your stock flywheel. Is there a particular reason why you are switching to Hall Effect as trigger source? Bret- MSD Powersports Tech

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    rs3dpl Guest

    Default 4217 killing?

    No it wasn`t under load I disconnect for charging.
    Oh ,no what a problem with the flywheel.Unfortunately there are no aluminium flywheels for my motor.I thought that with the 4154 it would be more trustful.Also with the magnetic trigger under 2000rpm it wasn`t working stable(I didn`t use the resistor)As I see I will use again the magnetic pick up.
    using the relay which trigger wire should I interrupt violet or green.

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    Default 4217

    Disconnecting the black wire should not have any adverse affects on the ignition at all. That's unfortunate about the flywheel but using the stock mag pickup along with the resistor across the green and violet wires should clear up all your noise issues. I would try the white wire once more for your shift kill this is your best option in my opinion. Thanks again, Bret- MSD Powersports Tech

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    rs3dpl Guest

    Exclamation pn4217 (RS232 serial port)

    My next question is the RS232 serial port.I program my 4217 with an old pc I have but when I am at the race and just want to make a change to the launch example I can`t connect it to my laptop which has only USB ports.I Have purchased a USB to serial port adapter but it still can`t be connected to it (it is not the GUC232A).
    Do you have any drivers for the USB because the pc can`t recognize the 4217 when I connect it?I am using windows XP sp2.If it can be connected with any USB adapter I am thinking to use a USB to Wireless RS232 Transceiver this will help me watch the RPM online at the race.This is important for me when my bike is passing the end of a quarter mile:confused1:

    Thank you,

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    Default 4217

    There are a couple of things you might check for: When you purchased the adapter did it come with a CD to install it on your computer? What com ports are available on your Pro Data software? You might try plugging in the adapter and then wait 30 seconds or so before opening the program. Thanks, Bret- MSD Powersports Tech

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