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Thread: faulty pickup

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    Gixkat Guest

    Angry faulty pickup

    I purchased a gsxr 86-88 pn 15-10-4025 pickup set but upon installation found that the 1 and 4 cyl pick up is not working i have been yhru the programming side of things on the mc-4 and everything is set right so i can only assume it is a faulty pickup, what is the procedure for returning this product?
    cheers, Gixkat.
    ps: i was hoping to go racing this weekend

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    Sorry to hear these triggers are not working for you. You may have already checked this but if you haven't... have you false triggered that channel of the MC-4 to make sure there is not a blown channel in the ignition? You may also check to see if the LED on the ignition comes on whenever the magnet on the rotor passes through the inner portion of the pickup. If after you try these (if you haven't already) and one and four still do not generate a signal you can call me at 1-888-258-3835 ext.2808 and I can issue you an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number. Thanks, Bret-MSD Powersports Tech

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    Gixkat Guest


    How do i false trigger that channel on the ignition? by the way the ignition is new as well.
    cheers, Gixkat.

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    To false trigger that channel of the MC-4 you will have to first unplug the connector to the triggers. Once unplugged with a small screwdriver remove the green and white wires from the connector by prying back the locking tab on each wire on the inside part of the connector. Take note on which wire was removed from what number on the connector. Once you have these two wires free hold the green wire to ground and then tap the white wire to ground several times to see if a spark is generated at those plugs (the plugs must be removed from the cylinder and then the electrode of the spark plug placed to ground with the spark plug wires attached). You can reverse this procedure by doing the same with the green wire but if one and four are the problem then the white wire should be the one to check. Make sure power is on to the ignition during this test or there will be no spark. If you still have your instruction manual at the top of page 9 it will discuss these procedures in more detail. Let me know how it goes. Thanks again, Bret

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    Gixkat Guest


    Yes it appears the white wire is the faulty one Brett , no spark at all, is there an authorized repair place in Australia?
    cheers, Gixkat.

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    Default Mc-4

    Hello again,
    Sorry to hear that it could possibly be a faulty channel in the ignition. This does come with a one year warranty from the date of purchase so repair or replacement will not cost you anything. Unfortunately there are no repair facilities located in Australia. Any testing and or repairs would have to be done at our facilities here in the states. You may try contacting the business where you puchased it from and maybe they will swap it out for you and we can issue them the RMA number, this would be entirely up to them though. If you would like an RMA number to return this you can log onto our web site at and get an RMA number on line or give me a call at 1-888-258-3835 and I can issue you one over the phone. Again sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks, Bret- MSD Powersports Tech

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    Gixkat Guest


    G'day Brett, Can you let me know what my rma number is, I seem to have misplaced it.
    cheers, Gixkat.

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    Default Rma

    Hello Gixcat,
    I spoke with you last week but here it is just in case you don't have it: RMA #36310. As of this morning it still has not arrived- 12/5/07. I have contacted the RMA dept. to keep an eye out for it. I'll keep you posted. Thanks, Bret

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    Gixkat Guest

    Thumbs up

    gday, i was browsing and thought i should finish this thread on the right note, everything is a-ok the mc-4 works like a dream and you guys bent over backwards to help, thanks for your great service.
    cheers, GK

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