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Thread: CDI Part No 4217

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    crmc33 Guest


    Thanks for the reply - I will give your idea a go as its free!
    I have a couple of engines, one with a HSR48 Mikuni and another Im building with twin 34mm Mikuni's off a two stroke. The latter uses a cable junction box that has a TPS built-in, so if Im lucky.......

    To be honest, I dont expect the ignition will help with the engine braking much, if at all, but it would be a bonus if it did. What I really need is a slipper clutch! I best get saving :laugh:

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    torque Guest

    Default Coil Pn 8207

    Can I set Coil MSD PN 8207 with Single Cylinder Programmable CDI PN 4217 ?


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    Default coil

    You can use the 8207 coil with the 4217. The recommended coil for this particular ignition is the 8232 if you are able to acquire one of these you will get the most out of your 4217. Thanks, Bret- MSD Powersports Tech

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    Default trigger wiring

    I have buy a 4217 ignition.
    Is possible to use the 43161 trigger pikup? If yes how is the right wiring, the wire color to use?
    Other question: new computer don't have serial port but only the USB port, if i use a conversion cable which port i have to configurate in the software?
    Thanks you in advance
    Best Regards

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    Default 4217

    Part number 43161 will not trigger the 4217 as this is a wand style pickup which is used in MSD Total Loss systems. If you would like to trigger the 4217 with something other than the stock mag pickups then a Hall Effect pickup such as MSD part number 4154 for example, must be used. If your computer has a USB port and no serial port then you will need to purchase a USB to serial port adapter. I have a part number for this from Best Buy it is GUC232A. You can probably find one of these at Radio Shack as well. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Bret- MSD Powersports Tech

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    torque Guest

    Default Setting the menu Tree

    I already install the CDI now i want to ask about optional B , i mean Pick up reference.

    I read at the manual i must put the value from the monitor , i dont understand about that.

    Now my motorcycle can run but cannot idle, i think the problem is the Pick up reference.

    It is true the value for pick up ref must same with pick up width ?

    how can i know the value if ? i already start the engine but still can't idling.

    Please explain to me how to set up that. Thanks.

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    crmc33 Guest


    I too have a similar question.
    I now have my 4217 system, and was planning on using it with my OE pickup on my XR650L based engine. The pickup on this engine is a short steel radial dog mounted on the RHS (drive side) of the crank. The dog must only be about 10 degrees in width (Ive not run the engine up yet).
    Im thinking that I may have to get the pickup width widened to give more tuneability (ie more advance capability).

    Does this sound right? Sorry if Im being dumb!:blushing:

    I may be wrong, and Im sure Bret will answer, but if you arent able to get a pickup width value form your monitor then you should be able to get an approximate value by measuring the pickup tab width using the ratio of the width and diameter of the pick up tab as a fraction of 360degrees. This should enable you to get an idle so that the CDI can measure the angular width itself.
    Hope this helps.

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    Default 4217

    Is this Andy from Indonesia? Can I ask what type of motorcycle you installed this on? Also what are you triggering the 4217 with (Hall Effect or Mag pickup)? Keep in mind that depending how you are triggering the ignition this must also be programmed into it. As for the pickup reference the engine must be idling between 800 and 1200 RPM to pickup the timing tab width. Since you cannot get your bike to idle it will not give you a reference as far as tab width. There is another way to do this though. You can download a degree wheel off the internet. Here is a possible link to a web site where you can find this: . Once you have this you can measure your flywheel and determine how many degrees your timing tab is by measuring the width of the tab and then transposing it onto this degree wheel in reference to the outside diameter of your flywheel. Once the tab width is known this number must be programmed into the ignition. You may also need to install the resistor (included in the parts bag) across the green and violet wires. Provided you are triggering the 4217 with the stock Mag pickup. This will clean up any excess noise that may be affecting the function of the ignition. If you are triggering using the white wire then disregard everything having to do with the green and violet wires. I hope I didn't confuse you more, if I did let me know. Thanks again, Bret- MSD Powersports Tech

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    crmc33 Guest



    Do you have any comment about the short pulser dog on my XR650L ignition?

    I assume Im best off widening (by welding) to about a 45 degree sector? give me more advance options?

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    Default 4217

    Hello crmc33,
    You are exactly right with your answer to Torque, I also responded with a similar answer. As for your timing tab you are right again. Timing capability is determined by the width of your timing tab. Keep in mind though that if you have to add to the length of your timing tab to add it to the correct side of the tab which will be the leading edge of the timing tab. Thanks again Bret, MSD Powersports tech

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