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Thread: MC-3 no fire!

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    GSJimbo Guest

    Unhappy MC-3 no fire!

    I know this might be a dumb question but here goes,got a MC-3 box, worked great last year on my Suzuki GS1100 dragbike, took the motor out to have a top end freshing up,put back together and no start,no spark checked everything, got power to the box, nothing out, got a brand new battery, box is year and half old, HELP!! could I have crossed a wire or to to damage the box! I did send it in for you guys to test...thanks

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    In the back of the instruction there is a trigger test you can perform to see if it’s the MC-3 or the triggers that are not working. When you sent in the unit did you receive a RMA number you can give me so I can look up your unit? If you do not have the instruction you can download them from our web page at

    Thank you
    MSD Powersports

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    GSJimbo Guest


    yes I did #29090 I sent it yesterday, from michigan, I wasn't getting nothing past the box, I just want to know if anything is wrong with the box or is it just me........Thanks again

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    sc2dave Guest

    Default MC3 sometimes works,sometimes doesn't.....

    I also have the MC3 n an 89 GSXR. Once in a while, it will not start,even after being ridden a few hours before. I have charged the battery 100%,according to the chargereven shot starting fluid and still nothing.I might try it the next day and sometimes it' turn on.On your other site, it mentions,"clip the two green trigger wires coming out of the engine, and repeatedly touch the 2 wires going to the ignition box together." I don't believe that i have 2 green wires out of my stock wiring.So what wires do i tap to ground to see if i am getting spark? Thanks.

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    here are the instructions on checking spark.

    The following procedure will determine if the ignition is producing a spark.
    1. With the ignition Off, remove one of the plug wires from the spark plug. Use a spark tester tool (such as the ST 125) or position the wire so the terminal is about 1/2" from ground.
    2. Disconnect the White wire of the MC-3.
    3. Turn the ignition On. DO NOT CRANK THE ENGINE.
    4. Tap the White wire to ground several times. A spark should jump to ground when the wire is removed from ground. If it sparks, the ignition is operating properly. Repeat the procedure with the Green wire if your engine has two coils.
    5. No Spark: Substitute another coil and test again. If there is still no spark and all of the wiring and connections have been inspected and confirmed, contact the MSD Customer Service Line to send the unit in for repair.

    Thank you
    Ray C.

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