i'm building an 84 k-5 blazer. i want to still be able to drive to the wheelin spots. i'm putting a 350 out of a 79 suburban in it (at the machine shop now) i want to run a truck avenger but the last time i got one i was told an 800cfm would work and i couldn't get it to work right (was on the old 305) i was looking at the lunati truck avenger cam or something with similar specs. i'm after around 300 horse and i'd be happy. what do you guys suggest? ANY input would be greatly appreciated

this is my second motor build....so i'm new. my first one was the 305 thats in it now. it started on the second try so i thought i'd give it another go. i went stock with that rebuild and have regreated it ever since. i don't want a race motor but i don't want to get left behind either. who does