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They're old, They aren't efficient, and you'd do better with a sponge soaked in gas atop an intake, but damn they're cool as HELL! 2, 3, 4 & 6 on a Flathead Ford of 392 Hemi just look mean.

Found this laying around the internet and thought I'd share it, but first a little rant. I picked up an issue of a Hod Rod magazine and read some disturbing news. The 94 is being reproduced but by Holleys competitor. Vic is making the 94?!? Now you can get original 97s, repop 9 super 7s (rip off 97s) or BG ugly duckling 98s and the rip off 94s from the other carb guy. When is Holley going to tap into the Traditional market? Imagine what modern Tech(not EFI please) inside the original casting would do to the competition? Well anyway, here's some Nostalgia & History:

History of the Holley 94 and other 3 bolt Holleys
Chandler groves co. designed the 94 carb. and supplied most of the production to ford for the 1938 year V-8 models excluding the V-8 -60 which used the Stromberg 81. Most Ford cars in 1938 with the large V-8 used a Chandler Groves carb. These carbs are quite scarce and are marked Chandler Groves on the side of the bowl.
The Holleys - Starting in 1939 Holley manufactured all the carbs for the Ford V-8s up until 1957. The following are the models used. All are quite similar in looks and operation-some with or without vacuum and linkage changes. All the carbs in the list below had a 94 on the rear of the bowl which was the venturi size -- 94/100s.

1938 only-- mod. Chandler -Groves-"94"
1939-'41----mod. #91-99 ------------trucks used the same carb.
1942-'45----mod. #21-29-------------trucks used the same carb.
1946-'48----mod. #59-----------------'47-'48 trucks used a mod.# 7RT
1949-'51----mod. #8ba----------------trucks used a mod.# 7RT--'51 used an 8RT
1952-'53----mod. #EAB--------------trucks used a mod.# 8RT
1954---------mod. #EBU--------------'54-'55 trucks used a mod.# EBV

Holley also made some replacement carbs mod.#2100 with the 94/100s" venturi. The later Y-blocks '55-'56 used ECGs with 1-1/16" venturi-----EBVs with 1" venturi and the model 2110 with a larger 1 5/32" venturi. The venturi size will be marked on the rear of the bowl. Holley also produced a mod.#92 which was the replacement carb for the little Stromberg 81 used on the V-8 60. This carb. is marked 81 on the rear of the bowl and usually marked mod.# 92 on the side of the bowl.This is a dynamite small carb to use but it is very hard to find. The 81 was the venturi size 81/100s" or 13/16" which is the same as the Stromberg 81 it replaced. All the 94 types had 94 on the back of the bowl with the model # stamped on the side of the bowl. Some will not have a model # only the 94----these were parts store universal carbs. A lot of the original carbs were marked Ford in large script on the side--but were still made by Holley. The Mod. 94 was a favorite with Hot rodders--fits the 3 bolt intakes and is a much more modern design than the old Stromberg which it replaced. This carb has better mid-range and high speed circuits than the Stromberg but requires modification for multiple carb setups because of the vacuum power valve.