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Thread: Superjet Ignition Coil Problem

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    evan hankin Guest

    Default Superjet Ignition Coil Problem

    I purchased a stock Improved coil PN 4294 in March 2006.
    I recently started experiencing poor ignition at Mid to high RPM range, after approx 10 mins of continuous operation.
    I suspected the coil; as the symptom (from collected local opinion) usually leads to the coil.
    After I removed the MSD coil and replaced it with a borrowed OEM unit the engine ran perfectly.

    Does this mean that the MSD unit is now a throw away?
    Is it possible this symptom is in fact just a break in the leads or plug clips?

    As I live in Australia, to return the unit to USA for appraisal would be time consuming, so any info or conclusions you can draw from this fairly specific problem would help me to decide wether I return it to you or attempt to repair myself.
    The MSD coil has a number, "C#538" on the side.


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    Please post this question in the Powersports section of the forum.

    Thank you.
    MSD Tech Support

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    evan hankin Guest

    Default This is the Powersports section.

    This is the Powersports section.
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    evan hankin Guest

    Smile Can MSD tech please respond to this enquiry?

    This thred is in the Powersports Trouble-shooting section, and I had hoped that the enquiry was a valid one, so if you wouldn't mind responding it would be very helpful.

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    Yes there could be a problem in the spark plug wire leads. You can check the specifications of the coil. The primary resistance is 0.08 ohms and the secondary resistance is 2K ohms. If the coil specs do not read correctly there is a one year warranty on the coil for date of purchase.

    Thank you

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    evan hankin Guest


    Thanks for that, checked with DMM and got no reading accross output leads, returned coil back to australian distributor in Sydney Australia and havent heard from them since, It has now been over 5 weeks and they havent returned calls or email messages. I presumed the unit was sent back to MSD in USA (and would be delayed).
    Is there any way You (MSD USA) can check if you are processing of have recently processed a Warranty/repair of this unit from my part of the world (Australia) ?
    Any information of it's status would be a great help.



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    Can you please let us know which WD you returned it to so we can see if it is in our system.

    Thank you

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