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    Baxter Guest

    Default Control Unit for 3 cylinder two stroke ?

    We have been running a 42351 unit, which works fine, but we need to supply a unit to our dyno guy, he does not need all the bells and whistles, just a good simple unit. Will and odd-fire V-6 5L or 6L unit work? If so, how do I go about ordering one? My local hot rod shop does not know how to go about ordering one.

    Thanks in advance

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    msdtech22 Guest


    Unfortunately, the odd-fire ignition will not work for that application. Even if it had, we no longer offer the 6 cylinder odd-fire ignition as a seperate part number, you would have to order either a 6A or a 6AL and then send the box into us and have it modified for the odd-fire function for $35.00.

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    Baxter Guest


    Thanks Agent 22, I was afraid you would say that, is the 42351 unit the only one or the best one for our application? If there is a better one I can send mine to the dyno guy and put the better unit on the bike.

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    msdtech22 Guest


    Please reread my previous reply.

    I did state that the odd fire ignition would not work for your application.

    I then went on to explain that the odd fire box is no longer a manufactured part number and offered in our catalog. I then went on to explain the procedure for geting a regulat 6 series ignition snet back to us and modified for the odd-fire.

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    Baxter Guest

    Default Sorry

    Sorry, you misunderstood my second question. I understand that the odd fire will not work, my question is: Do you have a better unit than the 42351, we purchased it five years ago, has there been an upgrade or redesign of that unit? If so I will purchase the upgrade and send the 42351 to the dyno guy.

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    msdtech22 Guest


    There has been no redesign or upgrade to the 42351 within the time frame you mention. The unit you have is the latest and greatest unit we have.

    For more complete answers concerning the 42351, please refer to the website.

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    Baxter Guest

    Default Two more questions

    Sorry to be a pain in the arse but I have two more questions. No one I call has the brain listed as part No. 42351, everyone tells me its not in their catalog, does it go by another part number?

    We are using this box with a coil pack; however, the wiring diagram that came with the box is for three individual coils. I assume that the Yellow/Orange/Brown wires are the same but the white wire from the brain goes to the black wire on the coil pack, is this correct?


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    msdtech22 Guest


    Please call the tech line at 915-855-7123 and ask for the power sports division or refer this question to: .

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