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    Hey there all, thanks for a great forum to gather info and help. I have just purchased a new mc 4 for our drag bike and am about to start wiring it. It is a gpz based 1425cc engine that runs a dual plug head and runs dyna s pickups. Have been thru the wiring diagram a few times but want clarification on a few points before i start,
    1,The dyna s pickups have 3 wires coming from them,1 black, 1 white and 1 red. The mc4 harness has 4 wires, black, white/blue, green and a white one. How do i wire that bit correctly ?
    2,Figure 10 is the drawing i will be using to wire the coils and the rest of the system ??? Looking at the diagram there is 2 banks of coils, with coil 1 and 2 in each bank, what coil will fire what cylinder ?
    Sorry about the dumb questions but want to get it right the first time.
    Thanks Pete

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    First can you please let me know how many magnets you Dyna rotor has? You have two coils for cylinder 1 and 4 and two coils for cylinder 2 and 3. If you look at how the wiring is done the brown/white and brown/orange for cylinders 1 and 4 the brown/green and brown/orange for cylinders 2 and 3. If you need any more help please let me know.

    Thank you

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    Hey there thanks for the reply. The rotor only has one magnet in it. You have set me straight with the coil end i hope you can help with the pickup end.

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    Can anyone help me with this problem ??

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    I am sorry the triggers you have at this time will not work with out MC-4 ignition. The triggers need to have 4 wires coming from them in order to hook up our system.

    Thank you

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    If this is the case could you please explain to me why your sales representative at Rocket Industries here in Australia assured me that the dyna s pickups would work with the mc-4 ?????????????????????????? I will wait for your prompt reply before i contact Rocket Industries to clarify why i was mislead.
    Please reply asap.

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    If the triggers you are using ground via the mounting plate and not the black wire then there is a possibility the Dyna triggers can be used. If the red wire jumps to both triggers to supply 12 volts and the white is only going to one pickup and the black is only going to one pick up here is how it should be wired.

    Dyna Wires MSD Wires
    Red White/blue trace
    White White
    Black Green
    Black to ground

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