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Thread: 04 kawasaki vulcan 750, will MSD work?

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    Hizzo3 Guest

    Default 04 kawasaki vulcan 750, will MSD work?

    I was looking at upgrading the ignition system on my bike. I know Dyna makes one, but they have a very bad service issue (quick failure within 2-5k miles), plus would rather much put an MSD unit on here. I was also curious about the spark timing.

    Currently on my bike there are 2 plugs per cyl. and to my understanding one fires during the power stroke, then the second fires during the exhaust stroke. Am I right in that the MSD unit will fire both plugs per cyl. during the power stroke?

    I am wanting something as reliable as possiable, since this is my daily driver. I have no need of adjusting power curve, just want a lil more power. Any suggestions?

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    At this time we do not offer a system for your bike. We are working on new universal systems and hope to have them out with in this year.

    Thank you

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    Hizzo3 Guest


    ok just learned that this bike is a CDI system. so that brings 3 things to question.

    1) can i change out coils with MSD coils, or are they not compatable?

    2) How much modification would it take to get a MC-3 or MC-4 ignition system in place?

    3) Is this replacement system u refer to going to be compatable with CDI?


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    You could use our 4573 coils and 31449 wire set to replace your stock one. The only thing is these coils will not mount in the stock location. As for running one of our ignitions you would need to modify one of our trigger plates to fit your engine.

    Thank you

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    Hizzo3 Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by msdpowersports1
    As for running one of our ignitions you would need to modify one of our trigger plates to fit your engine.

    Thank you

    any way i can get a spec list or i give u the specs of mine, so that way i see how much modification is needed, if it will work?

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    Please let me know the diameter of your stock trigger plate so I can see which one will work for you.

    Thank you

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