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Thread: Ford 289

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    tprice73644 Guest

    Question Ford 289

    Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade my ignition on my 289 ford. I have made the following upgrades just recently.
    Edelbrockintake PN # 7521
    Edelbrock cam & lifters PN # 7122
    Edelbrock heads PN # 60229
    Edelbrock 750 cfm carb

    I'm pretty new to the performance end. So I could really use some recomendations! Also will this due away with the balast and the duraspark box?

    Thanks guys!

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    msdtech22 Guest


    MSD Ignition PN 6420 This is a 6AL ignition it has a built-in Rev Limiter
    Coil - 8207
    Distributor - we need engine size
    Wires - we need engine size, year of car and distributor part number.

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    msdtech22 Guest


    Sorry did not see the 289 engine size listed before.

    Distributor - 8582

    Wires - 31329 (red) 31323 (Black)

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    arias1772 Guest


    what is the ball park price on an ignition for a 289 ford... if you cant give it to me then is there a website where i can locate a price?

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    msdtech22 Guest


    Any of our dealers would be able to give you a better price on the above listed items. Go to our website under a tab "Where to buy" the dealers are listed by states.

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    dodell Guest

    Default Similar Application

    I have a similar application to this customer, with the exception I upgraded to a full roller valve train.

    1967 289 bored .030 over
    Comp Cams Retro-fit hydraulic roller....281 duration .512 lift
    Holley 570cfm
    Sanderson shorty headers

    Would you recommend the same setup with the addition of a steel gear distributor? What's the advantage of mechanical advance or vacuum advance? The coil you recommended above looks strange...I was expecting a canister style coil. Will this coil work in my application?

    I plan on mostly street driving...with an occasional trip to the track.

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    msdtech22 Guest


    I would make the same recommendation as the other with the exception, as you note, for the steel gear for the distributor drive. The coil will work. It is a little different configuration but is a better coil.

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    dodell Guest


    Thanks for the fast response.

    Would you please address my question about mechanical vs vacuum advance. I've been told that unless I plan on racing, mechanical advance is more of a pain than it is worth. Is this true?

    One additional I need a magnetic trigger kit?

    Please advise....

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    msdtech22 Guest


    For street driving I would recommend that you DO use the mechanical advance this will give better performance for you. This will allow the timing to be at a more preferable mark when at idle and ramp up as you accelerate. The vacuum advance is usually used during street performance to advance the timing when stopped at a stop light or stop sign. This advance helps the engine smoother during those periods when stopped and actually help with fuel economy.

    You won't neccesarily need to run a crank trigger unless you want to. Remember, when running a crank trigger, you will have to run total timing at all times, defeating the purpose of the mechanical/vecuum advance.

    The 8582 already has a magnetic pick-up in it.

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    dodell Guest


    The 8598 that I bought won't hits on the intake runner of the manifold and the water temp probe. Can you recommend another distributor with a smaller cap/rotor assembly?

    It will be used with a hydraulic roller cam (steel dist gear?), MSD 6AL and MSD 8207 coil.


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